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Moblico and Apex Pick Up Lockers announce strategic partnership

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KANSAS CITY, MO/MASON, OH – Nearly 80 percent of contractors prefer communicating via mobile using text and in-app messaging versus email and phone calls. With this changing landscape, wholesale distributors are challenged to not only adapt, but also determine how to use mobile to fortify their existing customer relationships and help forge new ones. In this hyper-connected world, the need to answer incoming texts, chats, e-mails, and mobile app messages can seem overwhelming for a distributor. Moblico and Apex Order Pickup Solutions have partnered to help independent distributors take advantage of the tremendous growth in the use of mobile-connected devices with smart pickup lockers.

The integration between Moblico and Apex Order Pickup allows distributors to send automated triggered notifications when an order is available for pickup via smart locker. With this integration, contractors and distributors work more efficiently, utilizing two-way messaging and in-app push notifications in Moblico’s platform to confirm orders, and then send custom codes for contactless order pickup. In addition, contractors will be able to respond to the notifications they receive with questions and comments sent directly to the distributor’s Team Inbox provided by Moblico.

Moblico’s unique platform combines incoming messages into a single, easy-to-use, team-wide inbox that’s accessible from anywhere, anytime. This enables the distributor to quickly respond with the most appropriate team member, who can see message history and customer info, and provide information and solutions for their customers. This quick and effective response not only builds customer trust, it provides real value in the form of time savings for all involved.

Apex Order Pick Up Solutions smart lockers make order pickup even faster and more efficient. This technology streamlines employee workflows to optimize labor, eliminate wasted steps, and increase throughput—without increasing effort. The software reveals valuable data on order handoffs for a comprehensive view of the operation and a customer’s digital journey. 

“Moblico is excited to offer a fully integrated solution for ordering and pickup notification systems for distributors and contractors,” said Pierre Barbeau, CEO of Moblico. “We’ve helped companies who have fallen behind in developing a digital-mobile strategy to quickly bridge the technology gap and leapfrog ahead to where their customers want them to be. Pioneering technology for the independent distributor is in our DNA and bringing solutions such as this integration with Apex allows those companies to remain competitive in the marketplace.”

“Busy contractors are on the go, and accurate notifications on their mobile devices let them know when their orders are ready for pickup from our smart lockers,” says Mike Rizzo, Chief Growth Officer at Apex Order Pickup Solutions. “Moblico delivers precise communications to customers with the details they need for a quick, contactless order experience via Apex Smart Pickup Lockers.”

Several mutual customers have deployed this innovative technology allowing for automated messages to be sent via text, push, and email to notify a customer of order updates and readiness for pickup. The Robert Madden Industries team implemented this new technology while deploying a fully integrated mobile app.  

“Moblico provides a powerful and intuitive platform for us to stay connected with our customers. We’ve integrated Moblico Business Texting with Apex Lockers to provide a seamless customer experience from initial communication to order fulfillment,” said Tyler Bumpass from Robert Madden Industries. “Soon we will be releasing the RMI Mobile App from Moblico which will provide eCommerce ordering functionality and allow us to stay even more connected with our customers.”

Barbeau adds, “Fresh and innovative, the Moblico and Apex Locker integration further cements our commitment to the independent distributor and those they serve to do business when and how they want. The days of using a locker combination are long gone,” said Barbeau. “The integration between Moblico and Apex Order Pickup Smart Lockers now provides a 21st century way to do business. Providing contractors the ability to receive push notifications and text messaging allows them to do business the way they want to.”

About Moblico 

30+ year mobile technology veteran Pierre Barbeau co-founded Moblico with Jim Barnes in 2010 with the goal of making innovative mobile technology easy and effective for wholesale distributors. Moblico provides a comprehensive mobile communication, commerce, and marketing platform to wholesale distributors and manufacturers in the US, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and Europe. Moblico’s technology includes integrated solutions for mobile messaging, native custom branded mobile applications, data-driven segmentation, automated notifications from ERP systems, integrations with leading eCommerce software providers, geo-fencing and beacon targeting, instant mobile payment, and much more. 

About Apex Order Pickup Solutions
Apex is a leading global provider of contactless smart order pickup solutions for food service, retail and b-to-b eCommerce. Apex order pickup lockers help companies get the right order to the right customer, at the right time while they gain valuable data insights that can help drive continuous improvement. Apex self-serve order pickup solutions are in use in over 5,000 locations globally. Apex is headquartered in Mason, Ohio, USA.

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