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About Moblico

The need for wholesale distributors to solve customer pain points, differentiate from competitors, and drive efficiency gains through innovative and intelligent automation tools has never been more critical.

Since 2010, Moblico delivers purpose-built solutions for wholesale distributors that align with customers’ and associates’ evolving expectations, engaging the “everywhere audience” effectively with instant digital communication and self-serve mobile commerce apps. Our senior leadership team brings over five decades of combined experience and has been awarded forty US patents for mobile technology innovations.

Moblico is independently-owned and operated and provides core mobile technology competencies to thousands of wholesale distribution centers and manufacturers in the US, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and Europe.

Moblico’s AI powered integrated technology suite includes best-in-class solutions for mobile messaging, native custom branded mobile applications, data-driven segmentation, geo-fencing and beacon targeting, instant mobile payment, triggered notifications and integrations with leading ERP, eCommerce and CRM software providers, and much more.

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