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Automated Notifications

Automatic messages and in-app content triggered by CRM, ERP, eCommerce, and Pick Up Lockers

Why Automated Notifications?

Designed to help companies streamline communication and engage with their audience in a more meaningful way. Your customers will get the message fast! 90% of mobile notifications are opened within 2-minutes, unlike email that get lost in spam folders and generate less than 20-30% open rates! 

Get the most out of your ERP, CRM, eCommerce and Pick-Up Lockers with timely, accurate automatic notifications integrated with Moblico’s one Team Inbox and Targeted Broadcast tools!

With Automated Notifications, you can keep your customers informed and engaged throughout their customer journey, from initial sign-up to post-purchase follow-up. Our platform offers high-volume capabilities, ensuring that your messages are delivered quickly and reliably. By automating your notifications, you can save time and resources, while improving the customer experience and driving loyalty.

Send alerts right to your customer's phone


with Automated Notifications by Moblico

How it Works

  1. Create targeted template messages
  2. Integrate with Moblico’s easy to use API connectors
  3. Input the automation notification frequency
  4. Then, activate your automatic notifications

Benefits of Moblico
Automated Notifications

Quick Delivery
to any Device

Save Time
with Automation

Avoid Errors
& Mistakes

Real Time

Got Your Attention?

It’s time to

increase productivity


improve customer support

with Automated Notifications!

Deliver Instant Automated Notifications to Any Device

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