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Targeted Broadcast Messaging

Data-driven broadcast messaging via targeted text, email, in-app push messages
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Why Targeted Broadcast Messaging?

Designed to help you reach your audience with precision and impact. Our solution includes targeted text messaging, email, and in-app push messaging, all of which are tailored to specific customer segments based on demographic, behavior, and interest data.

With our Targeted Broadcast Messaging platform, you can create personalized messaging campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive meaningful engagement.

Targeted Broadcast Messaging can increase open rates by up to 30% and click-through rates by up to 14%. Broadcast Messaging report 4x – 8x higher engagement rates via text communications compared to email and can generate 800% sales spikes of products promoted with mobile.

Our platform offers high-volume capabilities that can handle large messaging campaigns with ease. 

Deliver your message INSTANTLY

to targeted customers and team members.

How It Works:

What are targeted messages? Your marketing communication team can create, schedule and target personalized SMS, MMS, Email and In-App Push messages to targeted groups and data-driven segments.

You’ll received a dedicated number for your Broadcast Targeted Messaging program as well as unique keywords to direct your messages to opt-in customers and employees.

You can also program messages to automatically trigger based on weather events in targeted geographic locations or activities in CRM, ERP and eCommerce system.

Benefits of Moblico Targeted Messaging

Faster response times than before
0 %
Sales spikes with instant messages
0 %
Higher engagement rates vs email
4x- 5 x
Increase in customer service levels
0 %

A Few Ways to Use Targeted Messaging


branch announcements

Branch Announcements

special events

Special Events

promotional offers

Promotional Offers

product catalogs

Product Catalogs

weather based notifications

Weather Based Notfications


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Price Changes

Manufacturer Incentives

order parts icon

Warranty Updates

Ready to reach your customers with targeted messages?

frequently asked questions image Moblico

How do people sign up?

You will get a dedicated toll free number and keywords to share with your customers and team. People who text the toll free number will be automatically added to your list on Moblico’s website.

Can I upload a customer list?

Yes, you can upload permission based lists into your marketing portal in just minutes.

How can I monetize texting?

Many manufacturers offer CO- OP funds to help monetize your marketing activities including Broadcast Messaging.

How does Targeted Broadcast Messaging help my company achieve better engagement rates?

By targeting your messaging campaigns to specific customer segments based on demographic, behavior, and interest data, you can create messaging that resonates with your audience and drives meaningful engagement.

Does Targeted Broadcast Messaging support multiple messaging channels?

Yes, our platform offers targeted text messaging, email, and in-app push messaging, giving you the flexibility to choose the messaging channels that work best for your audience.

How does Targeted Broadcast Messaging ensure data privacy and compliance with regulations?

Our platform is designed to comply with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, and we take data privacy and security very seriously. We follow best practices for data handling and encryption, and we are constantly monitoring our platform to ensure compliance with evolving regulations.

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