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Unified Business Messaging

One team inbox for multiple business messaging channels including text2landline, SMS, MMS, email, text2chat, and WhatsApp

The Most Complete Unified Business Messaging SolutionWith Powerful Communication and Automation Tools

Message your customers and team anytime, anywhere in the communication channels they prefer!

Our cutting-edge Unified Business Messaging solutions is  designed to help companies streamline communication and automate repetitive tasks, like mobile messaging solutions. Our platform offers a range of features including SMS marketing, push notifications, mobile app development, customer engagement tools, and marketing automation, all geared towards enhancing the customer experience and boosting business efficiency.

With our Unified Business Messaging platform, you can communicate with customers in real-time, automate responses to frequently asked questions, and manage customer interactions all from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. With our business messaging solutions, businesses can communicate effectively with their customers and build long-lasting relationships that drive growth and success.

Our high-volume capabilities ensure that your messages are delivered quickly and reliably, while our advanced analytics give you valuable insights into customer behavior and engagement. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our Unified Business Messaging solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs and drive your business forward.

Team Inbox

Web and mobile app Team Inbox for Text2Landline, SMS, MMS, Chat, Email and Whatsapp.

Marketing Engine

Marketing communication hub to engage and retain customers with powerful data-driven marketing tools.

Powerful APIs

Developer portal to integrate CRM, eCommerce, ERP and Analytic platforms to robust API services.

Unified Business Texting Solutions for Distributors Dealers Suppliers Contractors

How Can Your Business Benefit?

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  • One Team Inbox

    Text and chat with customers and team members from one business inbox complete with 3-level notifications, escalation emails, after-hours rollover alerts, message archive and emailed productivity reports.

  • Better Customer Service

    Text customers screen shot quotes, drive 4x - 8x higher engagement rates, and surprise and delight with rewards and incentives for their purchases and customer loyalty.

  • Business Growth

    Drive 800% sale spikes with upsell and cross-sell offers targeted to specific customer segments and groups.

  • Easy Integration

    Connect your CRM and ERP systems to trigger system based communications and leverage integrated data.

“Moblico continues to innovate and offer multiple mobile communication and marketing solutions to aide distributors drive growth. The Moblico team is extremely customer focused and tailors individual mobile strategies to fit the needs of the distributor and their customer base. Moblico’s technology is easy to deploy and allows for real-time connectivity to customers across all smart devices. They are responsive, reliable and work with integrity.”

Andrew Verey, Director Aftermarket Business, Airefco

frequently asked questions image Moblico

Unified Business Messaging offers a variety of communication tools that allow you to reach out to customers in real-time, such as SMS marketing and push notifications. These tools can help you keep your customers informed, offer personalized experiences, and build brand loyalty.

Yes, our platform includes automation tools that can handle repetitive tasks and help you save time. You can set up chatbots or automated responses to common questions, freeing up your team to focus on more complex customer inquiries.

Yes, our platform is designed to handle high volumes of messages quickly and reliably. Whether you need to send a mass SMS campaign or push notifications to thousands of users, our platform can handle it.

No. There is no hardware you need to buy to use unified business messaging solution. We’ll use your current business landline number and all you’ll need is internet access.

Getting set up is EASY and you can be ready to go in just a few days. We get the system in place and set up a quick 20-minute training to get you started.

There is NO SETUP FEE or equipment to buy. You pay a nominal fee month to month and can cancel anytime.

Our platform provides detailed analytics on customer behavior and engagement, including open rates, click-through rates, and response rates. This information can help you optimize your messaging strategy and improve customer engagement over time.

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