Mobile Payments

Mobile payments establishes contactless payment, secure payment on COD orders and cut down on collection time and effort

Why Mobile Payments?

Moblico customers are able to process payments conveniently, faster, and seamlessly. The Mobile Payment system does not require any connection or involvement of a business’ primary merchant account. Through Moblico, users instantly establish a new account with CardConnect AIP to facilitate payments through Moblico’s Business Messaging platform. It’s time to start using Mobile Payment via text!

Make payment


using Moblico's Mobile Payments via text

How it Works

  1. Agents send payment detail links with one click
  2. Customers click link to detailed payment page
  3. Customer pays securely using credit or debit
  4. Customer receives payment confirmation
making mobile payments

Benefits of Moblico's Payment Solution

Contactless Payment

Contactless Payments – the ability to send a link and facilitate a mobile payment at any time, anywhere.

Payment on COD Orders

Secure a payment on COD orders - ensure transaction is complete before delivering product.

Collection Tool

Collection Tool – Cut down the time and effort to collect payments from both current and past-due customers. Pre-loaded templates will enable you to send collection reminders and secure payments, thus reducing your DSO’s and giving your A/R staff a powerful tool to improve cash flow and communicate with your customers.

It’s time to make




Make payment quick & easy for your customers.

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