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WHY DIGITAL DIRECT? Americans spend 4 hours per day on mobile devices. 90% of smartphone time is in apps. With Moblico, you can reach existing and prospective customers where and when it matters, directly displaying ads inside mobile apps and websites.

Sample Geo-Targets

Moblico uses proven geo-targeting methods to market directly to the consumers that are most likely to convert- right on their mobile device!

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Contractor Offices

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Competitive Branches

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Trade Schools

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You identify zip code areas you serve. Moblico creates a targeted list of geo-targets for your review and approval. We design your mobile ads to your brand and target demographic specifications. These ads are mobile display ads that appear on mobile apps and websites. Our team manages the campaign from beginning to end. You receive periodical updates and a final campaign results report.

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Where will prospects see my ads?

Targeted prospects will see your ad in apps and websites they view on their mobile phones. Apps may include app types such as sports, news, weather, communication, and thousands more.

What does it cost?

Campaigns costs are determined by the number of times your ad is shown to targeted prospects. Moblico works with you to create a custom program tailored to your budget.

Can I use COOP funds?

Yes. Moblico works with you and your manufacturer rep to receive campaign refund approvals.

Digital Direct campaigns outperform online paid advertising campaigns by 72%!

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