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Applico’s Top 50 B2B Marketplace Ranking

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With more than 20 sub-verticals ranging from industrial supplies, medical supplies, metal, chemicals, lumber, agriculture and more, the B2B distribution industry is the largest industry in the United States, between $6-$8 trillion in size. The average order volume on Amazon Business, Amazon’s marketplace for business customers, is exponentially greater than its AOV on its consumer-facing Amazon Marketplace. For this reason and others, Amazon has made its Amazon Business marketplace initiative a top priority inside the secretive tech monopoly. In a recent call with analysts, the company disclosed that Amazon Business transacted more than $25 billion GMV in 2020, up from $10 billion in 2018. This progress puts Amazon Business on track to transact more than $75 billion in GMV by the end of 2023 – and it already makes Amazon Business a top five B2B distributor in 2020 volumes.

Fortunately for free enterprise, there is a relatively small, but growing, cohort of B2B marketplace startups. The team at Applico wants to draw a spotlight to the importance of these startups in an attempt to help B2B distributors who are worried about Amazon achieving yet another monopolistic hold in American commerce.

The top 50 B2B Marketplace ranking focuses exclusively on independent B2B product marketplaces that facilitate the exchange of goods between a business customer and a third party distributor and/or supplier. This ranking does not include service marketplaces and is focused on U.S. marketplace activity. For more information on the ranking methodology and research to support these listings, you can download the full report here.

The top 50 B2B marketplaces are transacting between $75–$100 billion in GMV, as detailed in the report. Yet Amazon Business would still rank as the largest B2B marketplace compared to any of the companies in Applico’s ranking of the top 50 independent B2B marketplaces. That said, there’s still time for independent B2B marketplaces to beat Amazon Business at its own game – but they need scale and capital to pull off such a feat.

B2B distributors considering their digital future should strongly study this list of the top 50 B2B marketplaces. The more marketplaces compete with one another, the better for the customer and the suppliers. If a distributor is considering selling on Amazon Business, they should also consider selling on the independent B2B marketplaces as well. If a larger distributor is exploring more strategic ways to participate in a marketplace model, then this list should be of particular interest.

The List

  1. Faire
  2. Indigo
  3. JOOR
  4. NuOrder
  5. Farmers Business Network
  6. VetCove
  7. LeafLink
  8. GrubMarket
  9. PartsTrader
  10. SevenFifty
  11. Fictiv
  12. Choco
  13. Lumi
  14. LeafTrade
  15. Silo
  16. Tundra
  17. Net32
  18. Knowde
  19. Xometry
  20. Quartzy
  21. Landscape Hub
  22. Yesler
  23. Parachute Health
  24. Medinas Health
  25. Open Markets
  26. Jupiter Pro Parts
  27. Printify
  28. MacroFab
  29. Packlane
  31. Mable
  32. Kush Marketplace
  33. Born
  34. Bluepallet
  35. Designer Inc.
  36. Aggrigator
  37. Pod Foods
  38. Full Harvest
  39. BioSurplus
  40. Buletin
  41. SkySelect
  42. Supply Clinic
  43. Asseta
  44. 3BG Supply
  45. PartsGeek
  46. RockAuto
  47. Gear Flow
  48. Architizer
  49. Bryzos
  50. Reibus

Editor’s Note: For much more on B2B marketplaces and their impact on distribution’s digital future, join us for MDM’s Digital Distributor Summit, happening virtually on Tuesday, June 29. Find more information here



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