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WHY CUSTOM BRANDED APP? Bring together all your services, regardless what platform they are on, in one convenient location and in the palm of your customers’ hand. Leverage any mobile responsive website and eCommerce content in a custom downloadable app.


instant personalized content, features and communications base on users’ profile, location, order and usage history


products and services at a click, scan-to-cart, scan-to-list, and much more


users with push, text, email notifications, in-app promos, dynamic deals, games and rewards


your existing website and eCommerce, deliver information and tools users want anytime, anywhere


Moblico’s Custom Branded App is a tile-based mobile hybrid framework interface designed to provide distributors powerful custom banded downloadable apps with ease. With Moblico, you have complete control and flexibility of your app content, features and messaging. The app is powered by Moblico’s cloud-based Marketing Engine platform which gives marketers all the tools needed to easily personalize the app user experience.

Moblico custom branded app examples

A few sample tiles in distributor Custom Branded Apps:


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search for customers

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Can our employees use the app?

Yes, most distributors include content and features in their apps targeted to both customers and/or employees. Its convenient and easy for the marketing team to manage everything on one platform and one app.

Do you integrate with others?

Yes. Moblico integrates with many of the leading ERP, eCommerce and CRM providers to enable a seamless customer and employee experience.

How long does it take to launch?

A typical app production and release is 30-45 Days. Our team will work hand in hand with you to onboard your program and assist you with a successful app launch.

It’s time to increase productivity and improve your customer experience with a Custom Branded Mobile App

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