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5 reasons why distributors go mobile


Businesses and industries around the world are all shifting their focus to mobile technology and engagement.

Why now? Distributors all over are trying to stay relevant and connected with the growing technology trends. They want to stay ahead of their competition, while also giving their customers what they want – easier, faster, and more reliable service and communication. How are they doing these things? Implementing mobile engagement solutions.

In order to leapfrog past competition, here are 5 reasons why distributors are implementing mobile engagement solutions – 

  1. Be the easiest to do business with 
  2. Improve customer service 
  3. Speed up service and safe time 
  4. Differentiate from your customers 
  5. Customers are asking for it 

Tools like business messaging, automated notifications, targeted broadcast, and many others are being used by distributors today for an easier, more assessable way to stay in contact with your customers and help your team stay ahead of the ever-growing technology trends. 


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